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Timothy Dunn
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Timothy J Dunn


A relatively young , vibrant business built on deep traditions. As artist and owner, Timothy Dunn has taken great pride  in developing his knowledge and skills as a coppersmith. History, nature, and personal  influence  continue to mold and shape his work of art.

    Timothy has valued and honored his  acceptance by Roycroft artisans, as well   as   the  years  he  apprenticed   under  the  gifted Thomas Markusen. Seizing  the  opportunity   given, he  now  really  enjoys  the   challenges  of combining delicate details of nature with truly precious  metal. This  passion for  copper, not  to  mention  his eye  for  elegance, shows in  each  of these gorgeous "conventional  pieces". Still  made  on   southern   shores of  Lake Ontario, many of Timothy's  individually created  and hand hammered works can now be found in galleries throughout the northeast.